Since lockdown and the staying at home advice, I have found that most of my exercise was just walking to school or my mum’s office. And since I am still studying from home, I have found that I will go insane if I don’t go out for at least 20 minutes. So far, I have been going on a 20 minute daily walk with my mum in the area that I live in, to stretch our legs and see something new or familiar.

Why I walk

I want to get a little more exercise into my day. And walking seemed the best thing to do. I felt a lot better after each walk because I got to see something different, feel the cool winter air. And even buy a little food to bring home for movie night.

Most recently, I have been using walking apps that reward you just for walking, so by doing some daily exercise I also earn too. If you want to read more; I have written my opinions on the apps called betterpoints and sweatcoin.

Benefits of a nice stroll?

I can see the world. I love exploring and absorbing the environment I am in. I pass the same things each time but see so many new little details each time. Moreover, observing is a good habit to have, you learn a lot more watching and listening than talking.

I also love the fact that walking  every day makes me feel fresh and happy. Like I said before to keep my sanity, going for a 20 minute daily walk is brilliant.

So, even though we are in a pandemic I highly recommend you go out for at least 20 minutes. Whether you walk out on the street or just chill on the roof garden or even look out from your balcony. Feeling the wind and smelling fresh air is the best thing these days.