Majority of people learn that animals can be dangerous and should not be close to. However, this information can lessen the belief in nature as beautiful. All creatures great and small are unique to themselves just as human being. Their lives matter too, even wild animals. If you can be at a calm place animals are friends.

Animals are friends

They are in homes and at the zoo. Most commonly that’s where you’ll see very friendly animals because they have learn how to be with you and most importantly you with them. No animal should be saved for their because they have more to give to give to you, they should be saved because they are alive like you. You look after and care for nature right? Then accept all. If you pay attention by looking at what’s around you, the animals around you. You can find and appreciate their gifts and see what it is they love. Sometimes you may even share with animals, and there you can create a bond like no other. Friendship.

Animals as small as an ant can be friends with each other, so why can’t we be with them? Size does not matter. It is nature and what good our personality is. We must look after animals who speak other very unique languages like friends so we can give them what they need. We can understand them. They also learn how to understand us. They see what we let them see, and that is kindness. We give everyone a chance to show their beauty even in the darkness. Humans can be bad and so can animals but why? Is it their personality? Is it natural for them to hunt for food to feed themselves and their families?

Sharks, bears and many other bigger creatures. They can be feared or loved. It is a change of perspective and learning. We choose to to observe and not judge for nature. We accept who they are.

Save the animals

We need to help to save all animals from climate change. We can do so by using less plastic and purchasing more sustainable products. Climate change is going to effect many animals and might even bring them to extinction. To stop that we need to be more eco conscious.