What does that mean?

Well,it just means that with everything you do, you value the time and effort that goes into the task. Whether, it be for other people or yourself. Appreciate every minute of your beautiful life.

How do you appreciate every minute?

Firstly, think about how much time you have every day. 24 Hours right? Think about all the things you want to do and if you can do them all in a day. Most likely the answer is no. But then think about the things you are doing now. Do you have a break very often? Is the break there for you to wait around?

Whenever I watch TV and I am taking care of the laundry, I value my time by putting up the laundry into the dryer or putting in a new lot when there is an advertisement. This way, I see what I want to see and take care of a household duty. Before, I wanted more time to myself because it’ been a busy day and I don’t want to do certain things like wash the dishes. It’s the norm to just be lazy and drag on the tasks need doing. But you are not the norm, you are you. And I am me. We can multitask. Be efficient. And enjoy life more, without moaning that we need to do something later when you can get it done now.

Enjoy life more

Once you have finished absolutely everything, go and watch what you want to, spend time with friends and family. Most importantly, have your “you” time. Take care of yourself. Go out for a nice walk, check out a cool place with the best view in your area. You will appreciate that every minute you did something worth your while and resulted in the fun times you want to have. You also feel thankful you have minutes in the day to live, you are alive.

Appreciate whats around you

Love your family and friends who do good to you, tell them the great things that you like about them. Love your world. Care for the environment, care by using less plastic and seeing the work of mother nature thrive. Love yourself, the fact you are alive and you have the most beautiful smile.