Monday 2nd March 2020, Hello there, well out of all the things today that was really lovely was my beautiful morning. This morning was like no other as every day is a present in the present. And this particular morning of the one and only time of the 2nd of March 2020, I was so happy to wake up early. Normally waking up early is only for revision for a test or maybe an event that I am going to. However, today was one of those days that the night before I decided to put my alarm an hour early. I woke up to my alarm ringing at 6 AM then had the joy to go back to chill in bed.

First Morning Activity

Then by 6:30 AM I had officially decided to go and brush my teeth then do some very chill knitting. I love knitting, I do it little by little. The reason why I knit is to give myself some sense of achievement because I take my time knitting as I am still figuring out the technique to knit. So I knitted a line row and enjoyed the sky as it brightened every minute. Knitting really does help to calmly activate the brain. Honestly, I feel that it’s just great to do at least one hobby early in the morning so that you can have a beautiful morning. When you do something that will make a positive impact on your day in the morning you are more likely to start feeling happier. I certainly do.

Having some family time

After getting ready to go to school at about 7:40 AM. Me and my mum went to get food. We went to a local cafe to get a sandwich for lunch and breakfast. I absolutely love and enjoy walking anywhere with my mum just so we can have family time. Especially since she has to go to work and I have to be at school. So the weekday can be a bit busy. As we walked to the cafe to get food we were able to talk about how I’m growing my mint at home and can share it with her so she can make her tea. “Oh what wonderful morning, Oh what a beautiful day” is what was sung in the 1955 original film of OKLAHOMA! and I definitely agree that this morning had the same vibes.

The reason why I talked to my mum about growing mint is because I have recently started to propagate and manage to grow some roots out of a mint trimming. I put it into a pot so that I can hopefully grow it into a big bush. I wanted to grow something that both me and my mum could consume without creating more plastic waste. Growing something to use less plastic was the best idea I ever got. I’m becoming more eco-friendly by the day also becoming more self-sufficient.

Eating Breakfast

I ate my breakfast on the way to school and I loved every bite. It was my favourite tuna and cucumber baguette. Then I put my lunch away in my bag and began my exciting day at school.