Today I just thought since I got this new App called Betterpoints and it’s actually really good. I will write my personal Betterpoints review to give insight on how it works for me.

What’s good about it?

So first of all this is a really great app for people who live in the UK and want to get rewards based on location. I first downloaded this and found out how easy it was to track my every day activity. I can see where I went for a walk and when. Moreover when I got some bettertickets just from doing my thing, I get entered into the prize draw.

I found that you won’t always win the prize draw because it is random and you shouldn’t rely on it. Especially when wanting to earn a reward. But yeah I really love thus feature because it was such a surprise when out of the blue I checked my account. And I had won some points from the prize draw. I managed to win twice last year and saved up to get myself a gift card to shop at the local Supermarket.

I loved how I could buy any product in that store as long as it fit in my budget. In summary I bought things from the healthcare section so I could keep looking like a superstar. It’s really easy to also earn points though little surveys which you have to join the challenge for. Typically I would get 1,000 points for doing the survey. Which is equivalent to £1 in gift card exchange.

What I realized

This app is not for a replacement of an actual job but just something cool to do on the side to help you out and feel accomplished. Since it has GPS tracking you can see where you’ve gone and sometimes I can see that I walk in shapes of animals.

So yeah, there is my honest Betterpoints review, if you want to read more I have also written the truth about walking apps.