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Check your medications side effects so if you or your child develop those  symptoms you know which medication caused it. Especially, if it is more than one drug (medication) is involved. Sometimes, one drug’s side effect may lead to the doctor prescribed another drug to counter react with the other drug side effect. This can happen but it’s rare.

Children born with a heart condition are delicate and requires a lifetime follow up and medical care. Inevitably, they would require medications to treat their heart, for example, to take their pain off after their heart surgeries.

They may even developed anxiety around their heart treatments. Sometimes, the parents caring for the heart child develops anxiety too. They often resort to medications. They are ways to cope with anxiety. Exercise is one of them, like go for walk in the park or jogging. Movement can change your emotional state. Learning new things is another. Write down your thoughts or talk to people you trust. Watch something funny on Youtube and so on.

Normally, the doctors are very good at informing the patients of their new prescribed medications including what are their side effects. However, do check the medications side effects from independent sourse such as from the country’s drugs and medications authority websites.

Do listen your children if they complaint about they feel funny or have behavioural change after they started a new medication and observe them. Of course, report your observations to the doctors concerned.

You can also check your medications side effects from the following websites.

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