I have very recently finished reading the book Chinglish by Sue Cheung. I want to give you my thoughts on this book because it’s a very interesting one. Very unique content that I have never read before. So here’s my Chinglish review.

What’s it about?

This is a book of true tales of a teenage Sue Cheung. It reveals the happy and sad times of her life through the funnier and truthful perspective. It features Friendship, Love, Violence, Humor and Racism.

It is powerful to read about someone else’s life as I am not them and so knowing what experiences they have had is very interesting. It gives me a broader idea of what life is, what life means to other people.

The book is in the form of diary entries which is similar to Dork Diaries however the games between dates is a lot bigger which I found very interesting. But after reading the acknowledgements the author had actually written this a lot older than the age of a teenager. She was recalling her childhood.

What did I like best?

My favourite thing about the book is how the story is literally to the point and speaks to the reader without really focusing on the reader. It keeps on track with the author’s thoughts and the character’s story.

I really like the randomness in humor and how honesty is making the bad situation so funny to read.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to read about a teen who lives a not so happy beginning but fabulous beginning of more adventures. She gives hope to kids who find themselves in a realistically unhappy situation. They want to get out and chase their dreams and I believe this book models this “endurance” theme. In which is very empowering emotionally and better for the determination in making dreams a reality. “Live the dream”

And that concludes the Chinglish review.

P.S to be eco friendly these days I will purchase the paper copy if I know I’m am going to read the book again, because usually I do. But you can always go to the library anyway. And remember use less plastic when shopping.