Hey! How are you? Today I’m going to go through what’s currently going on with my compost. Yay, I’m so excited to give my first ever composting update

So basically, the compost is full of vegetables. So far I have only put in vegetables so there isn’t a smell. And so far there is no unwanted aroma. It’s been a couple of weeks since starting this compost and most of the first buts have started to decompose naturally by molding over. (Disclaimer! I don’t have worms in my pot) I like to keep my compost indoors and in a plant pot because I don’t actually have a a lot of space at home to put a big worm bin in the kitchen.

Whatever I have put in my compost I have been keeping a note of in my composting diary. It’s just to log what kind of things I have put in to check I don’t add to many acidic or moisturizing things that could throw off the balance.

What’s changing?

I have seen that all the food I have put in has shrunken, like shriveled up. And the bits underneath the first layer are all fluffy with white mold. I’m very happy to see that all of the bits underneath are turning brown. The stuff from weeks ago are barely recognizable. I only know what I put in by looking into my diary entries. Oh and once I accidentally put too much water in the compost pot so I won’t need to water it for a while until its dries up.


I am very happy with the compost so far. And will definitely continue putting waste in instead of putting it in the bin so that way I can take reduce my emissions. It also makes me really excited and interested in how the earth decomposes waste naturally.

That concludes my first ever composting update.

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