Thursday 5th March 2020

Today rained a lot and many people were using umbrellas. I came home from school to find that me and my mum were going to go to the supermarket. At the time we had no food at home whatsoever. We ate a delicious soup without rice which is unusual because rice is in almost every meal we eat. The coronavirus effect on UK did not effect me and my mum enjoying some good food.

Going to the supermarket

Since we were early birds before the working hours are over the bus was pretty empty. The journey was very short and wet because of the rain. I made sure to keep my head dry so I am well. I had not seen anyone wearing masks on the bus but everyone kept their distance from each other leaving seats when possible.

In the supermarket

First of all, the supermarket was busy in a sense that most of the food was gone and there was not many people. I also saw that many of the shoppers wore masks to cover their mouth and nose. I was so surprised that the shelves had some food but most products were completely sold out and the staff were slowly restocking. Suddenly I have to the belief that the people of some areas in the UK are buying in bulk. To avoid time exposed to the Coronavirus. Those are just some of the coronavirus effect on UK.

Where are people shopping in the UK?

This virus recently had a dramatic increase in numbers of the infected. The public is getting informed of these spreads of the virus and are worried that the longer they are outside or with many people especially on public transport they might catch the virus. The coronavirus effect on UK is that some people are shopping online so they do not have to go outside and some are stocking up on food at the store. Others are simply avoiding buying products that are not produced within the UK or in tins.