Today, I want to tell you about my experience with the Eco Warrior shampoo bar.

First of all, I need to say that I went in search for the Eco Warrior bar online and later in-store. I found more luck in a local pharmacy where I was able to purchase the shampoo bar. I love the idea and practicality of this shampoo bar because it suits all of my hair’s needs. This shampoo bar smells so lovely from when it is solidly in your hands. And yet when you lather it up to put in your hair it has no scent. Which in itself is great for those who want a light and clean finish to their locks.

Using the bar for the first time

When I first brought the shampoo bar home, I was super excited to try it out and be much more Eco friendly going forward. Yeah, I took the bar out of its packaging and was surprised  to see that the bar is actually smaller than its box. But that’s ok with me, so I went to the shower and brought the Eco warrior shampoo bar with me. I seriously didn’t know how to use the bar. It took me a while to figure out how to create a good lather with wet hands and hair. My hair was full of luxurious suds and getting really clean. When I washed the suds out, my hair felt a little dry. Later when I blow dried my hair I felt that my hair was definitely more voluminous than before. I also felt my scalp was rejuvenated and I had no dandruff whatsoever.

Using the bar as my every day shampoo

I love this product and will definitely purchase it again, because my hair texture has changed and feels thicker. I also love that because the summer days can be super hot and make my hair very oily and itchy this bar gets my hair back to a lovely state. The state is that my hair shines and my scalp is at its best.


I do recommend that this product should be used with a conditioner every once in a while. Moreover, when washing your hair you need more time and care to make a good lather. To store this product make sure it is in a small container that can be sealed once the bar is dried after use. To dry the bar, just leave it in a cool place for some time and flip it over to dry the other side.

Go Eco

Eco Warrior is a great company and their products will help save the planet from drastic climate change. Every little bit of plastic that goes into landfill or dumped somewhere is pollution and you can help. Use less plastic, try out a shampoo bar or swap something for a more sustainable equivalent, the most easy and common swap today is the bamboo toothbrush.