Recently, I have started using the faith in nature shampoo bar to wash my hair. I found that the bar first of all smelt really strong and lovely. The cost of the product was quite surprising. This was one of the first ever bar of shampoo I had bought prior to receiving the Lush bars. So paying £5. 79 for the bar was like woooo this must be a good bar.

Well this week I have been using this bar on my hair twice now for my usual cleaning routine. And I can say, that yes this bar gets my hair clean. Moreover I can also say that compared to some other forms and brands of shampoo this one doesn’t foam that well, I find I do have to use more product. But the good thing is that this bar doesn’t melt away and become soft when using it so I think even though I need to use a little bit more to get that super clean feeling, the bar is still going to last me a while.

Plus sides of using this bar:

The faith in nature shampoo bar is actually really easy to store away. It is also very quick drying and like I said before it is very hard and so it won’t melt away. What I also like is that this company in particular makes these bars in the UK. Furthermore, to be really eco friendly and keep dirt off the bars, they packaged this bar in a really simple cardboard box. On the package of their box it says they are cruelty free and vegan which is super duper.

Is my hair fluffy and dirt free?

Yes, after a good blow dry my scalp is clean and my roots are looking poofy and fresh again. It doesn’t dry my hair out at all and my hair even feels soft.

I do recommend this product and know that this will make a world of a difference in the shampoo industry. Make the effort to use less plastic. And if you want to go one step further, try switching out your old plastic toothbrush for a new bamboo one. They can be purchased on my website today, and for more details, contact me personally, and we can see what cool new things we can do to save our planet.