Sunday 1st March 2020

Today was the day that me and my mum  went to run our first race 2020 called the Little Half. This first race 2020 was truly something special. When my mum booked the places for the race we were really excited and ready to run. Funnily enough though, we had no clue where was the race route. However, this morning (on race day) my mum told me the race was in Greenwich and was going to finish in Green park.

Getting to the location

Well we found our way to the trains that would go to Greenwich, then we got onto a train. Luckily the train went to Greenwich and we made it to the races nearest station safely. But we still had no idea where was the start line, so we followed these runners and we arrived at our desired location.This was first race 2020 and the first time ever doing the Little Half. From this I am sure you can tell, my mum knows how to book online. The exact location of a race is not her priority, it’s the date and time the race starts she remembers. It reminds me of the time we went to visit the dermatologist. Long story short, at the time we were running around everywhere like squirrels checking everything to see if it’s a nut.

Before the Little Half

Now back to the race, the area where all the racers were was like a parking lot looking thing. It was pretty cool, there was a stage and a lot of space for kids and adults. Me and my mum went to the lighted area where you could go outside through a door and we stayed there for a couple of minutes. After that I decided to go to the toilet then go to the stage. People up on the stage said that we would all be part of an epic warm up. Let’s be real, that warm up was nothing like I’d ever done before. Runners in the race would all gather round the stage and dance to the music as by the instructions given. The warm up was very fun and alot of people were laughing and just enjoying the day with their kids.

Did I mention there were loads of kids that were under the age of 10. I was very surprised to see so many kids because I thought that the race was 5KM, but it’s 2.3 miles. Later after the race my mum checked the distance of the race and it was actually shorter than we thought. Now, after the warm up of epic dance moves, all the runners went to the starting area. We waited 15 minutes before the race began. The weather was rather cold today, so I wore a hoodie.

The Little Half

Once the horn had blown, I paced the run with my mum and ran continuously for 10 minutes, later on, slowed down a few times because the soles of my feet hurt. My mum was the best in always looking out for me and running a bit slower to make sure she could be close enough for me to catch up to her. The run was very quick and had two hills as resistance. I think it went well. I am really proud of myself. My time was 26 minutes and 5 seconds. Woohoo! The first race time of the first race 2020.

After the race

I received my medal with pride then grabbed some water and got a cool new running t-shirt. The t-shirt is yellow and I absolutely love it because I prayed to God I would get a yellow top. This is because I don’t have a yellow top and yellow is really bright like the sunshine. I’m so happy. After, I and my mum wanted to go home and thought we had finished in Green park. In reality, we were at the Cutty Sark.

We looked around and thought maybe we wanted to eat something then we agreed we would eat at home. So we walked and tried then find or way to the station. The station was on the other side of the road but we were blocked by fences. We walked to queue at the road crossing area then my mum was like you know we might as well have gone around. I didn’t want to argue so we went around to the station. We grabbed a meal from a fast-food restaurant then went to the station.

We were then surprised by another long queue which would take the universe to poop raisins in order to move. Then a light bulb idea came to us, plan A was let’s go and eat at the fast-food restaurant we went to earlier very near to the station till the queue went down. So that’s what happened. We finished our meals in an hour. Following on from plan A, we went to the station again. There was still a queue going round the block. Then for plan B, me and my mum went to a nice coffee shop and just chilled while drinking milk and hot chocolate. A few minutes later maybe half an hour when we were like ok let’s go home now, we left.

A Little treat

I was able to convince my mum to let me just look at the sweet shop. Then we went in and bought my favourite millions sweets in bubblegum flavour. Best day ever. Next was going home. I was able to share my sweets with my mum on the train and stuff. I love my mum.