Honestly, forgiving is the best thing you can do to yourself. Forgiveness is for you and not anyone else. The other person will not feel your pain only you do. You need to make the decision to be the bigger person, to forgive. If god can forgive you why not forgive them. Both of you deserve forgiveness. You will be freed.

How to forgive

Feel your emotions and step aside from it. Look at yourself from the third person. Are you at the point where you are ready to reach your highest potential? If it is No. Then you have reached the first step to forgiving. You have now realized that you are holding back. But what is it that is holding you back? Surely not others. If they are not physically tying you down, you are free. You are just chained by your self. You are angry from a memory, not in the present. Understand what is going on now. Free yourself and think about all the nice things in your life, and do not leave out the nice things the person whom angered you has done. When you change your perspective and decide you are going to see the good in people. You are ready to forgive.

Sometimes it’s you

Sometimes it’s you who caused all of the bad emotions to yourself. A person hurt you then you carried on hurting other people. Then when those people reacted to you, you hate them. No, don’t be like that, there is still time for you to start fresh.

What it feels like to forgive

You will come to a greater understanding of how the world and you work. You will feel empowered by your emotions and how vibrant they are. Seriously, you will appreciate every single thing you have, because you can see that all of it is a gift from the universe. You will also realize the importance of events and how they give knowledge to you for the future and your knowledge is also very unique to you. So forgiving truly is the best you can do for you.

Appreciate what you have and love the environment

Love the environment, spend time in natural wonders. Use less plastic to help save animals from climate change. Change our toiletries to more sustainable products once you have recycled them.