Wednesday 4th March 2020

Hi there everyone, today I am going to tell you about my experience so far at school of how we are going to choose GCSE choices. Obviously there are all too many GCSE choices and sometimes it might take a bit of time to understand what you really want to take. Therefore the teachers at my school have set up these careers talks about the jobs you could do from the subjects you want to take or apprenticeships.

Careers fair

My school had first created the careers fair in which students choosing their options for GCSE would go and met people from different industries. I went and thought to myself before I went that the evening would be very good with information. But afterwards, I didn’t feel like it helped much. This was because I want to meet people from the medicine implementing industry and they did not turn up. Instead, I spoke to a lady who did medicines marketing and the military. I found that speaking to people about certain jobs is good to get an idea of things that are ready for the next generation to do.

Options evening with teachers

Today, I went to the parent and student GCSE course talks. I think that this information about the topics that are taught in the subject will really let you know what you want. I found out that in art you had to do pieces that would take weeks to make. Recently, I have learned so much about the subjects and the examination they are going to do with the course. This evening I think is more valuable to the options choices than careers. Most of the teachers said that you should do whatever you have the most passion for. And that the GCSE is just the stepping stone for A levels.

What am I going to do for my GCSEs?

Well, since I had gotten the full information package about all the subjects I have hence decided what I want to do. For my GCSEs, I want to take on French, Geography, Triple Science and Business Studies. I love all of these subjects and I am doing well in all of them so why not do them for GCSE. I am doing Geography to learn more about the environment and so that I can learn new ways to further reduce my plastic waste. Then I am going to do French because I want to learn more ways to communicate with people. I am going to carry on doing science but take it to the next level by taking Triple Science so that I can become a Cardiologist. I’ve never done business studies before but I think it will help me to understand where products come from and the target markets.

My advice to you is just to choose the options you love.