Before the appointment

Wow, I am so excited for the appointment because I have been dreaming to get braces for a long time now. I have wanted to fix up my smile for quite a while and because of a few comments I have found my self esteem stoop a bit. So getting the treatment is so exciting. I brushed my teeth done some extra care with my teeth this morning and now I am ready to have train tracks. Yay! Getting braces for the first time ! It’s happening people. Woooohoooo!

What happened at the dentist?

The first thing when I got to the dentist was to go to the bathroom. I know the appointment would take some time to complete so I went to use the facilities first. Then I very happily got called into the room. Yay! I am going to get braces. That’s how excited and wonderful I felt. I was talked to about the entire braces treatment to make sure that’s what I wanted. After that I went to get an x-ray so the orthodontist could check how my teeth were and if they could take the pressure of braces. And finally, I got the braces put on.

This appointment I had, just my top teeth were fitted with braces. The next appointment in 6 weeks time will be when I get to complete the braces set of bottom and top train tracks.

So to put the braces on, my orthodontist first polished my teeth. Then they put some prep on. It was very quick to do this part then they put the brackets on. I think putting the brackets on took the longest out of the entire appointment. Because the dentist had to make sure where they put the bracket was perfect and measured out correctly. Then here comes the best part. I got to choose the colour of the bands. There was so much choice and so the other dentist assured me I could change the colour each time I came back so that meant I could try all of them. But for my first time with braces I went for the classic navy blue.

After the brackets were on all that was left was to attach the wire and the bands. And with extreme happiness I got to look at my self in the mirror. I looked so cute.

How does it feel?

Well at first it feel like something hard and weird is attached to your teeth. And then you might feel like your mouth gets caught on the wires. But later in the day I felt super chill and I didn’t feel any pain. I ate when I got home then didn’t eat anything else after dinner. I was super surprised when I brushed my teeth to find so much food in there even though I rinsed my mouth 5 times already and when I brushed my teeth food was in my toothbrush.

Earlier, I got a hygiene kit from the dentist containing a toothbrush, wax and an interdental brush. I used the interdental brush after generally brushing my teeth so I could keep the areas under the brackets nice and clean. I think all in all it would take me 20-30 minutes to brush my teeth at night, doing some heavy duty cleansing of all the food that had gotten stuck in there.

And after the brushing was all done I was ready for bed. And I did feel my teeth were a bit sore but then I knew the braces were working so I was so happy.

The next day

Where do al the time go hey? Well time flies when you’re having fun. So I woke up it was because I had accidentally been banging my bottom teeth on the top teeth so it really hurt. And when it came to brushing I felt it was like a lot of pressure was on my front teeth and so I got it over with and did most of the brushing using the small interdental brush. Oh and when I use the interdental brush I use just a little bit of toothpaste on it. That way I get a good clean.

When I was cleaning my teeth I found that the day before I wasn’t able to clean an area using the interdental brush because the wire was so tight against the teeth. And now I could clean the area just fine and so I realized my teeth had moved a bit. One of my teeth had moved forward just a little. I showed my mum and she said that it moved. Wooohooo! My braces are working.

Now It’s time for breakfast. My mum made me toast with cheese and eggs. I made sure to cut the toast into mini bite sized pieces before eating. And then when I put the food into my mouth I found that I couldn’t chew ,it was so painful. So I ended up just letting the food become soft by my saliva then swallowing the goodies.

And to make sure no random stuff was going to chill out in my braces I got some water to swish. I researched that when you have braces it’s good to have the habit of rinsing the mouth regularly using water. You never know what you might find still living in there.

Don’t forget

Even though braces needs a lot of care and sometimes we need to use plastic things to clean our teeth. But we can still use less plastic. We can cut down on things like floss and switch to a water pick or swap your plastic toothbrush to a bamboo one. Never forget that climate change is still a big part of our lives and we must do something to help the animals and other people around the world. Island are disappearing and homes are being flooded. We can have braces and still change the world.

Now that’s all I have for my account of getting braces for the first time. To read more like this check out my other posts. Byeee : )