Tuesday 3rd March 2020

Recently I’ve been growing many things to eat at home but so far my store bought onion is doing great. I love growing little things and imagining that one day I’m going to eat it. Firstly, I researched different kinds of fruit and vegetables I could regrow at home. Then I found a video on how to grow an onion. Growing an onion is honestly so cool. I fell in love with the idea of growing an onion so fast that I scavenged the house for an onion to plant.

Planting the onion

Once I had found the onion I was looking for on the window sill. I found a mini planting pot and grabbed some soil from my tortoises enclosure. The main thing was that the onion I am growing was originally dry but after I watered it, the onion started to take root into the soil and now after around 8 days since the onion was planted the onion has shoots. The onion started to grow shoots 5 days after I planted it. Since the day I put the onion in the soil I have always watered it using a spray bottle and kept it in a warm place. Later once the shoots get a bit longer I’m going to seperate the onion. I will then be growing an onion that used to be inside another onion. Once those are ready the onions grown new should be ready to eat. Basically I can grow an onion and make more than one onion out of the onion I had grown.

Self reflection

This little project of caring for and growing different plants is really good. I feel that since I can clearly see the plants growing I am much happier, in feeling that I have achieved something. Growing things at home was mainly so that I could achieve being more eco friendly and reduce my plastic waste. However, I found out that I am also saving the planet by planting more plants that will turn the carbon dioxide to oxygen. I am so proud of myself and happier about my actions. Because of this project of plants, my eczema has also calmed down a lot more a sign that I am feeling happier.