Hello, today’s topic is the beauty of Hainanese chicken and rice. This dish, is so amazing. I have eaten it multiple times.

Where to eat Hainanese chicken

The locations that I have eaten the very best of Hainanese chicken and rice is Rasa Sayang, the Malaysian embassy and of course in Malaysia. I believe that Rasa Sayang in Central London is a very lovely restaurant and their Hainanese chicken is so good. You can eat just the chicken and maybe add some rice of choice or get the dish to feed one. Either option is great! I also love eating this marvelous dish at the most authentic place in the world, a Malaysian outdoor restaurant (in Malaysia).

How did I discover the wonders of the dish?

Well I first ate the chicken and rice in Malaysia when I lived there for a bit. And, well, I fell in love. I don’t eat a lot of different types of meat, my go to meat is chicken. Because I loved chicken I wanted to eat the dish and Oh, it’s good. The sauce is what makes the chicken taste so divine, and the plain rice with it, makes the dish empower the sauce and it’s flavor. I also really love the soup that may come with the dish if you order it to feed one and the small slices of cucumber too. The simplicity and uniqueness is beautiful.

My first taste of Hainanese chicken

I’ll tell you this, I looked at the menu and looked around to see what everyone else was eating in the restaurant. I saw chicken and rice and I was like, yummy I would this please. I waited for the dish to arrive and in doing so I caught sight of someone else’s Hainanese chicken and wow! It looks sooooooo yummilicious. So I got really excited and hungry at the same time. I waited and before I knew it the restaurant blessed my nose with the smell of my food coming. The chicken is boiled and fresh, the sauce covering it. I cut the chicken with my spoon to eat with my rice. Hainanese chicken and rice is the best dish ever! I thought to myself. The softness of the dish really is great for those who can’t bite very well ( like babies).

Go Eco

If you want to bring your own cutlery you can. I love my spork and I would love to use it to eat this dish. Just remember to use less plastic and you will help in saving the planet. Enjoy the Hainanese chicken and reduce waste at the same time!