Sunday 8th March 2020

Today has been a great day, I went to church and then went to get takeaway to eat at home with my mum. But before we had left to go and eat I wanted to check the local pharmacist if they had hand sanitizers. I didn’t manage to go today because the store didn’t open till later. My mum said that the hand sanitizers are sold out which was true according to yesterday. However when we went to buy some good food, I brought my foldable food bag in my sling bag so I put all the food into my reusable bag. Yay, I used less plastic.

Finding Hand Sanitizers

Yesterday, I went out to nearly every store that would sell hand sanitizers. The journey in total to all the stores was 2 hours alone and I spent a good 10 minutes looking for and asking staff for the hAnd sanitizers. Once I got to the store I went straight to the bath section and could only find anti-bacterial handwash and not gel. I travelled to 8 different stores and all the shelves for the sanitizers were clean and empty. It was as if hand sanitizers were illegal and the armed police squad had confiscated every single one of them. But that wasn’t the case obviously, it was just some people have a huge hand sanitizer obsession because the coronavirus came to the UK. This virus has really had an effect on the UK and everyone is talking about this virus because the numbers of the infected are doubling.

I believe that if you want to get some sanitizing gel you need to either order some online or arrive at the store when they have new stock and at the time the store opens. The gel is now in high demand and isn’t found in stores.

Why do people want or need sanitizers?

People use them to kill germs on their hands when they are out and about. The sanitizers are just like a dry hand wash. They are great for travel, and common outings. Usually you would use them to kill bacteria before eating if the toilets aren’t so clean or there is no area to wash hands.

Some people just prefer to thoroughly wash their hands for  few seconds once they get home.