Today I enjoyed having a great breakfast at a local cafe with my mum. I woke up early, I read some of my favorite book and then made the bed after I got dressed. I don’t feel hungry when I wake up, just empty and not bloated at all. Which feels so free and calm.

Getting breakfast

I went to the cafe with my mum. We chose to eat a light and sugary treat that was oven baked and drink something warm. So, I got warm milk and a chocolate cookie, while my mother got herself, a cinnamon swirl and a blueberry muffin as well as a tea. We enjoyed talking and eating our best most ultimate foods. My chocolate cookie was soft and so chocolaty, making each so pleasant and the milk was complimenting the cookie with each sip.


  1. You will feel so happy to see a delicious meal in front of you
  2. You can work longer later without needing to take a break for food, so you can continue and not lose interest in the important masterpiece you are investing in.
  3. Your stomach will be able to process food early on in the day so you can excrete later on.
  4. Energy will be given to you and will kick in and lasting you from morning till dinner.
  5. You have time to process what you want to do for the day and make decisions for your goals and where they are presently.
  6. You know where to eat again next time, you’ll just head back to the same place
  7. The meal gives you joy for life
  8. Appreciation for having a great breakfast in the morning will sink in
  9. You know how you feel about breakfast in general
  10. You feel so empowered as a person that you are the best of you

Try going to have an Eco friendly breakfast

Use less plastic and bring your own cups and containers. Every little helps to save our world from climate change. Islands are already disappearing from water levels rising and your breakfast can reduce this change and stop it eventually.