how to look after your cactus is in these simple steps.

1. Give it some good soil

First of all if you want your cactus to grow happily you need to give it nutrient full soil. Look after you cactus by giving it the food it needs.

2. Give the plant space to grow

Buy a nice pot a little bigger than the cactus’ size at the moment so it can breath.

3. Let the sun shine

Open the window and breathe the fresh air. It’s nice isn’t it? Yep, if you love it, so will your cactus.

4. Hydrate your plant

You can water it every couple of days maybe 2-3 days. If you want to water it every day, just a little dash of H2O will do.

5. Talk to your plant

Your cactus likes to talk to you and get to know you more. When you have happy conversations,you won’t believe how fast your cactus will grow. It will boom not just because of the conversation and attention but also because you are giving it some CO2. CO2 is great for photosynthesis in plants, and the boost of the gas will increase the production of the plant’s food. With the increase food, just like a baby the plant will grow much bigger.

6. Take pictures of your plant growing up

If you take pictures every couple of days you can see the progress much more clearly of the growth of your beloved. You can see the color change,flowering times, the height and width of the plant get bigger.

You can take selfies, capture a great moment at home or at work. Maybe be with your friends and casually snap a great photo of them and your cactus. Your plant is a living creature and deserves cool selfies because it can remember the moment that way. You know, hop down old memory lane.

(Once you have mastered looking after your cactus, try growing some Mint,Onions or even Peas at home.)