Due to recent events, I have decided that having your long hair in a bun is he safest thing you could do. Putting up your hair will reduce the surface area able to catch the virus. So here is how to tie your hair into a bun.

Military style bun

The best bun is a military style bun as it is more secure and will last all day.

Firstly, you need to get the essentials:

  1. Three elastic hair bands
  2. Hair spray or gel
  3. Bobby pins
  4. Hair Brush
  5. Hair Net
  6. (optional) Hair Donut

So, you need to brush out your beautiful hair so there are no knots. Then Tie your hair in a very nice and tight lower ponytail. If you are using the hair donut put your hair through and make sure the donut is right at the top of the pony tail. Then tilt your head forward, spread the hair to cover the donut and put the other hairband on top to secure it. If you are not using the donut, plait your hair from the ponytail. Then after that start twisting the hair around the donut or around the ponytail until all the hair is wrapped around and ready to be tied up again. Next, you guessed it! Put the last hairband on your bun, Then take the hair net and use it to cover the bun tightly. Secure the bun with bobby pins through the hair net.

Now, you can grab the hair spray or gel. For the spray, spray some onto your head and then use your hairbrush to brush it to smooth out any bumps. Use you hands to push down the hair sticking out and if it is still there, use bobby pins to flatten it. For the gel, take a small amount approx the size of your thumb and rub in both hands and start putting it on from the hair line to the bun. And all the same, if there are any bits sticking out, use a bobby pin.

And that is how to tie your hair into a bun. Keep safe everyone, and love the environment by using less plastic.