Monday 27th January 2020

Today has been the most exciting day. I finally went to visit the Dermatologist (a special skin doctor). As you all know,I have eczema. It covers my entire body and can really be itchiest thing on earth. By that point I was so ready to visit the dermatologist.

Finding the right Department

Now on with the story, I woke up later than I would on a weekday as I didn’t have to go to school but instead visit the Dermatologist at a nearby hospital. My mum was very kind enough to join me in taking a visit to the dermatologist. Once we had arrived at the entrance of the hospital we walked right up to the main reception and asked where was the dermatology department. So being me, I followed my mum who seemed as though she understood everything the clerk said. Unfortunately we got lost. But luckily I have a great memory and saved the day by finding the way to the correct floor. Then all we had to do was find the right department.

It took a while to find the department of paediatric dermatology. We just kinda ran around like chicken noodles for like 10 minutes straight. What an adventure! Well we eventually found the place and were basically so happy, that me and my mum walked in as if we were on the runway of fashion week. My mum went to the reception of the department and was surprised just as much as I was to find an old woman telling us we had to register the appointment. She pointed to a line that looked like it would take longer than my  grandma running the Equator. Luckily, it only took about 5-10 minutes  to get to the reception and register tha we arrived. Then we really only had to wait from there.

Waiting to be called

A nurse called, “Amelia”, my mum got up so fast. I just sat cool as a watermelon and told my mum,”There’s more than one Amelia in this world”. My mum sat down and I shared my untold stories of being in a girls school with dozens of people with the same name. At school, I always got confused who was getting called out on the register because I hear “Amelia” and everytime I yell, “Here!”. The time I properly came to the realisation that I’m not the only one. Is when someone called “Amelia” in the courtyard at school and like several heads turned. After that I would just stay comfortably wherever I was. If my forename was called, I wait for my surname. I’m as cool as a cucumber.

Called to see a nurse

A nurse called, “Amelia Lee” and I was like oooooo finally its me. So me and my mum went with the nurse, I just got weighed and my height was measured, mwahahahaha I’m still taller than my mum. I’m so proud of myself. I used to be the little person who would have their face met with handbags at rapid speeds. Maybe once in awhile I,would get the”Oop, didn’t see you there”. And now those days are over, I love how small my mum looks. You typically would imagine that I’m heads taller than my mum but the revelation is that I’m only 3cm taller.Woohoo!

Meeting the Dermatologist

Wow, after so long me and my mummy got to see the dermatologist. Yeah I was praying for miracles to happen to my skin. The dermatologist was super nice and she gave me an elephant’s load of medicine. She prescribed random stuff that I know won’t work as it isn’t water based. Oil based formulas don’t work on my skin. Soooooo yay! Then she said ,”We don’t really know what is going on, so we’re going to have you do a blood test”. I was thinking to myself ‘what a wonderful world?’. (Yep there really wasn’t that much to meeting the dermatologist.)

Waiting for the blood test

It was the event of a rollercoaster. Another nurse asked us to register for the blood test and they took the slip and put it right into this trolley. The trolley puts the slips in order of who’s getting the test. I was second, a baby was before me. There’s a special room just for blood tests and the baby went in with its parents. Before I could’ve thought about the imaginary pain of the needle, the baby started to scream. In that moment I thought of the different ways I could escape and get out of the hospital ASAP. I was going to run hundreds of miles an hour directly out of there. But then, the door opened and the baby who was still alive by the way, emerged in the buggy and went back to the waiting area. My turn.

The Blood test

Prayers were much needed for my survival of the next few minutes. I saw ALL of the needles of gadgets the nurses used , the room was very small and there were three nurses and my mum. Ok, I could do this, they rubbed my arm with alcohol wipes then sprayed numbing spray. It felt weird. Immediately after, appeared the needle and the wire. Therefore, I started to frantically look around if anyone would help me to escape and so I hysterically cried like a the baby before me. I tried reasoning and saying how I didn’t want to to have a needle chilling on my hand.

I eventually let them do their thing but when I saw my hand.They lifted up the needle to get more blood flow. Oh no! I exclaimed,”You moved my skin”. All I saw were flaps of skin coming up as if birds were going to come flying out. People in the room were laughing at me. They laughed and giggled at me, like who do you think you are laughing at? My,oh my, once I was all finished up, I was ready to get a Well Done sticker. Unfortunately,that didn’t happen.

The Pharmacy

Getting to the pharmacy isn’t as tough as getting to the right department which was good. LOL, but my mum still tried to go the opposite direction. The hospital had its own small pharmacy so we went there and gave the prescription to the people at the counter. The prescription was going to be ready to collect in half an hour so me and my mum went to get some nice things at Starbucks. After half an hour or so at Starbucks drinking hot chocolate and eating a ciabatta, we moved to the pharmacy’s waiting area. Then what do you know?, my prescription was ready. We collected it then moved for the exit.

Let’s go home

I was so ready to just jump into my cosy bed and relaxido. Yasss girl! That was the most hectic visit to the dermatologist. On the bus home I wrote stuff down in my notebook about the eco friendly products that I have and use, and other ways to use less plastic. The bus ride was bumpy.