Firstly, this virus has been around for quite some  time now and we are all itching to get back to normal. Especially since there is a financial crisis at hand. But honestly, our question is: Is Coronavirus ever going to go away? When I say ‘away’ I mean out for good.


The evidence today, is that the virus can very easily be passed around. From just one infected person to a healthy one. There have also been reports of animals such as a tiger or dog testing positive for COVID-19. We also know for sure that the modern ways to travel are very fast and sometimes packed with other people. So far New Zealand has managed to declare that it had once had a period in which there were no cases what so ever, but even then restrictions to travel loosened for those with diseased relatives be able to fly over for the funeral. This move was kind and let those mourn. However it created a hole in which the virus could break in and hit with another wave of cases. Luckily though, the few cases found resulted in a small lock down to gather more information on who the virus may have spread to.

Due to the financial crisis many are trying to work,and so there is more movement. This means that the virus can spread easily with more contact made. Unless the virus is contained and controlled locally and then nationally. So that when it comes to international trade, the possibility of cases are lower.

Is Coronavirus ever going to go away?

There is a possibility. Which means, if all of us be careful in how we interact with others and keep basic hygiene on trend,we can keep safe. If a very successful vaccine is created then we all need to get it. Stopping the spread is easy as an individual. If it is ever going to go away, we need to stop spreading it like butter on bread. And cremate those who have passed from it. Those who have it need to take regular tests as they are recovering to see that one day they will not be positive with it.

Basic hygiene

It just means that you need to wash yourself, you don’t need to wear gloves. Remember, use less plastic to save the turtles.