The most common bathroom utensils to clean the tush are not all common to the rest of the planet. Only 30% of the Earth’s grand population actually uses toilet paper. The rest use, family cloth or a bidet system.

Toilet paper crisis?

I personally have looked into many systems of clean oneself and one day I would love to purchase a bidet. The bidet originated in France and Toilet Paper started in China. Since I was little, I have been using toilet paper. But there was a shortage due to COVID-19 and I had to find out if there were any other options. I started into looking at more Eco friendly options and I found family cloth. Family cloth works like toilet paper, except you just need to wash it and dry it. Making family cloth is really simple and it can be made out of any old fabrics around the house. I think family cloth is only good if you know how to use it well and keep it from smelling.

It is quite exciting to know that there is a whole 70% of people that don’t use TP. I researched that many, use water sources as a cleaning element. You can find that in many countries in Southern Asia and Europe use a bidet attachment or a very simple barrel and scoop. The water system of cleaning is better than toilet paper, and can easily reduce the risk of infection and irritation.

(I found that toilet paper is most common in many households where I am from. People tend to stock their pile under the sink in the bathroom, buying one big pack at a time. The luxury of storing the paper helps to provide assurance that there is enough. )


There are other more sustainable and reasonable ways to clean your rear end. The bidet and family cloth will ensure you will not need to worry about the panic buying or stocking of TP ever.