Climate change is real!

The Earth is going through global warming rapidly, heating all of the ice in the poles and evidently making waters rise. They rise, due to the very cause of consumption. Humans are consuming way too many things all at once, exhausting many resources and polluting the world. The pollution itself is the product, and can be very toxic, giving off chemicals and gas that are harmful to wildlife and a boost to the increase of climate change.

Islands are disappearing

Many islands, based in the Pacific Ocean are getting submerged under the sea. The water rises faster in the Pacific approximately 7-10 mm a year. Over time, this can be very damaging to areas that are already so close to sea level. Locals who go to picnic on an island every year have seen the dramatic change of waters rising, their island was there for many years then a year or two later, it went under. All of the trees on the islands die when saltwater floods their roots, they get dehydrated because the water is drawn from them.

So, all there is are dead trees and water. Locals usually would move to bigger places, like the main country. This to make a new and stable home for their family that will not be soaked in water. Some islands go gradually and others which are very small can go in a storm.

What can we do to help stop this?

We need to make the effort to make more Eco friendly choices for sustainable things not just trendy. We can use less plastic when we go out and about by bringing a spork, a reusable bag and a metal coffee cup. And at home we can compost our organic household waste, as well as recycle. Check each of the things you buy to see if they can be recycled instead of just thrown away. Also you can try drying your clothes naturally by sun in the summer, to save electricity. Or even get a shampoo bar and bamboo toothbrush. Put a plant in your room to save our planet, every little helps. We can make a difference and stop islands are disappearing from becoming a new normal.