In 17 November 2017, Amelia decided it’s time to cut her long hair after growing it for three years. She cut off 13 inches and gave a last hug to her long hair before sending it off to the Little Princess Trust. A charity that makes wigs for kids who suffered hair lost from their medical condition and treatment.

Amelia said she was lucky that her heart condition does not result in hair loss and she wants to make kids who suffered hair loss smile. She was inspired to donate her hair by a girl who lost her hair from cancer treatment. The girl was very happy when she received a real hair wig from a charity.

Amelia is growing her hair again to donate.

Getting my long hair cut

You can give a miracle

Your real hair can make a good wig for a kid with cancer
All you have to do is to give a minimum 7 inches
Which would make a bob cut hairstyle wig
if you can grow your hair a bit more 12 inches
You can give a kid a medium length hairstyle
If you can reach for the star which is 16 inches
Would give a girl a pretty long hair
No splits end
Non-dyed hairs
Any natural colours
Blonde, brunette or dark hair
Wavy or straight
It does not matter
You will make a child smile
You give them confidence
You make them feel special
You make a difference in their life
Thank you