I love sports. Sport is a part of me and I love it. My mum helped me and supported me when I was first getting into sports. Being born the way I am gives me the opportunutiy to appreciate everything. I pursue my dreams until it comes true.

Shaun White. He, too has tetralogy of fallot and He is a three-time Olympic gold medalist. If he can do sports, I believe I can too.

Summary races

  1. 1 March 2020 – The little half 2020 – 2.3 miles at London Greenwich.
  2. 12 October 2019 – Race for kids 2019 – 5Km run at Hyde Park London
  3. 28 September 2019 – 10 miles walk fundraising for a military cadet.
  4. 26 May 2019 – Vitality westminster mile 2019 – 1.67Km at Green Park London.
  5. 24 June 2018 – Aquathlon 2018 – 200m swim and 1.2km run.
  6. 28 & 29 December 2017 – Hiked Mount Kinabalu 4095m and 9km in 2 days.
  7. 25 July 2015 – Swiss Alpine Kids Run Davos 2015 –  1.4KM run
  8. 21 June 2014 – Henley on Thames Kids Triathlon 2014 – 25m swim, 1km bike and 500m run.
  9. 24 May 2014 – Westminster Mile Run 2014 – 1.6km run
  10. 07 Jul 2013 – Fun Triathlon 100m open water swim, 3km Bike 1km Run
  11. 18 May 2013 – Scootathlon 390m Scoot, 390m Bike, 250m run
  12. 10 May 2013 – Ironkids 2013 – 900m run

Travelling for sports

Sometimes, I have to travel for sports far away from home. My parent usually look for a hotel that close to the race event venue within walking distance is ideal. Sign up for your race event early and book your hotel at the same. From our experiences, hotels nearby the race event venue often fully booked quickly.


The little half 2020

first race 2020
01 March 2020

I received my first ever sports medal for the year 2020 today for running 2.3 miles at Greenwich with my mum. It was my first race 2020.

Race for kids 2019

race for kids 2019 5K run
12 October 2019

I got my first ever wooden medal today. Very environmental friendly, for running the 5km Race for kids this morning at Hyde Park with my mum.

10 Miles Walk 2019

28 Sep 2019

I completed my 10 miles walk through the woods across the field with a group of people and my mum yesterday. Very proud of my legs support me all the way. Thank you to those who support my fundraising effort for my military cadet. I raised a total of £605 for this walk.

Vitality Westminster Mile 2019

Westminster mile run 2019
26 May 2019

Westminster Mile Run 2019 done. Wooohooo I did it and I just realised I could do the 1500m run race because I ran this mile. Thank you vitality.

Aquathlon 2018

24 June 2018

My medal for completing an aquathlon race at school today. 200m swim and 1.2km run. I feel awesome.

Hiked Mount Kinabalu 2017

28 & 29 December 2017

I hiked the Mount Kinabalu in 2 days. It was always my dream of wanting to climb Mount Kinabalu. After many years of persuading, my mum agreed to take me there. The happiest time of my life.

Mount Kinabalu hiking footage

Swiss Alpine Kids Run Davos 2015

Swiss Alpine Kids Run Davos 2015
24 July 2015

Team up effort. Amelia ran 1.4km and mum did 32km of K42 marathon. Our team name is A.S. Funtastic. The races were on 24.07.2015 for Amelia and 25.07.2015 for mum.

The scenery was beautiful at Davos. People were friendly there.

I swim, bike & run for GOSH

Henley Kids Triathlon 2014

Henley Kids Triathlon 2014
21 June 2014

Amelia completed Henley On Thames Kids Triathlon on 21 June 2014 at Oxfordshire. She swam 25m in the swimming pool then cycled 1000m followed by 500m run.

Amelia said “I was the first one crossing the finishing line that was pretty cool. Yeah….No…I was not a fast athlete yet. The organiser let me start my race with the 13-16 years old and they have to do more laps than me. Why? My mum took me there 4 hours early! It turns out to be a good thing!”.

Bupa Westminster Mile 2014

24 May 2014

Amelia completed her one mile run on Saturday 24 May 2014 near Buckingham Palace London.

First Triathlon 2013

7 July 2013

Amelia completed her first ever triathlon at Dorney Lake on 07 July 2013. She swam 100m across the lake followed by cycled for 3km and ran for 1km.

Amelia shared her experience and feeling with her mum. she said:

“I was a bit nervous while waiting for the swim wave to start because I never swam in open water before and I do not know what its like. I felt something touched my feet in the lake and lots of weeds under the water. I was scared the fishes going to eat me. The swim marshal told me only gold fishes live in the lake and not going to eat me. I did not want to give up and continued with the swim. I enjoyed the cycling and I like to practice more on turning. The run was a bit hard because it was hot.

Mum…I now know what a triathlon is like and I like to do it again. “

Mallorca Ironkids 2013

swim bike run for gosh
10 May 2013

She collected her first Sports medal on 10.05.2013 and she was proud of herself be able to challenge herself to go ahead with the race. She ran 900m in 5.03 seconds. A certificate was awarded for her achievement.

Scootathlon 2013

18 May 2013

Amelia finished her 390m scoot, 390m bike and 250m run at the Scootathlon race event at Dorney Lake on 18.05.2013. This was her first race involved multi diciplines of sports. She enjoyed her race and her heart was coping well with the endurance.