This is the beginning of how to love your hair. Yesterday I was sitting in my chair when my mum asked me to trim my hair. My immediate thought was that I didn’t want to trim my hair at a salon. Because I could leave it or do it at home. Then my mum said that I should be happy and experience a salon again. I thought about it for a few minutes. Ok, Yeah! I do love my hair and want it to be refreshed nicely. I will go to the salon with my mum.

Changing perspective

I changed my perspective to a more brighter reality. Honestly, thought it was a waste of resources to just trim my hair. But now I know, you need to get a better view of things. My mum helped me to see how positive I would feel going to get my hair trimmed professionally. She was very much right.

Trip to the salon

I waited for my mum to finish work and was ready to walk to the salon. I felt really excited and happy. It had been quite the number of years since I went to the salon for anything. So, I was going to feel great. We walked very fast across to the salon because we were tight on time. When we both got to the place we were a little ways past appointment time but it was cool. The hairdressers where super nice and got to work on our hair straight away. I got my hair washed and it felt so tickley. The mini shower head was just so heavy and light at the same time. I especially loved the massaging of shampoo. The shampoo was so nicely put into my hair and yeah, I forgot how nice it felt having someone else wash my hair and scalp nicely.

Then here comes the cut, I was so thankful for the hairdresser because she sectioned my hair and made sure it was all brushed out before she started to trim, even asking me if the length was ok. I saw how fast and easy she made the trim look. I tried trimming my hair all by myself, and the experience was fun but the quality of my trim wasn’t up to the best standard. After, the hairdresser took the time to thoroughly blow dry all of my hair. I loved it.

Do you love your hair?

My hair was so beautifully done. Me and my mum left the salon as different people. I think if you want to do anything do it with all your heart and It is fine to love your hair because you love yourself. Also remember to appreciate that you even have hair, because many going through medical care have to shave it off or cannot grow any.