So I have been using the lush American cream conditioner bar for about a month now and here’s my thoughts.

First impressions

Okay, I was super excited to get this bar along with the lush shampoo bar for my birthday. So, that explains my emotion to to get to use the product. All because Lush as a company has the best smelling products on this earth. And what’ s cool is that their conditioner bars are Eco friendly in terms of the fact they are solid and without the need for any packaging. But of course for cleanliness and being human I got the bar gifted to me in the awesome lush recycled paper bag. I opened the packaged and wow did the American cream bar smell sooo good. Really, it’s heavenly.

This is the first ever Conditioner bar I have ever gotten in my life so of course I was excited to use it. But before I used it I of course I admired the bar whilst I watched some TV. The pink color is beautiful and size is perfect to fit into any small container (from food that used to be packaged inside).

How does the american cream bar make my hair feel?

First of all my hair is super long like up to my butt so I need a great conditioner that can get through the many tangles and hairballs efficiently. I did some research before trying this thing out and memorized the technique.

Technique (how to use it):

  1. get hair nice and wet then turn off the shower
  2. Grab the conditioner bar and get some of your hair in a bunch
  3. Stroke the bar down the lengths of you hair top to bottom
  4. Repeat (sometimes the product you put isn’t enough to smooth out the edges 😉
  5. And rinse or your can rinse every time you need to reapply some more conditioner

The first wash with the bar I felt my hair was in fact conditioned and I loved it. I could brush my hair like normal and everything. I was very happy. Disclaimer, the smell of the bar won’t grasp onto your hair and make your locks smell gorgeous.


In conclusion this bar is fantastic, it will take time to get used to and time to wash my hair, but it is environmentally friendly and I do recommend the lush american cream conditioner bar. And yes, realistically we want to get back to using the liquid conditioner. I have used the liquid conditioner recently in my last hair washing and I can tell you I still find liquid conditioner to be easier to use. But on my journey to being my Eco friendly I will continue to invest in bar conditioners. For sure though I will reinvest in the Lush american cream bar. Yay, use less plastic.

(If you want to be even more Eco friendly definitely try switching your plastic toothbrush to a bamboo one- but do this when your toothbrush needs changing. To get one from me you can check it out on my website and get in contact with me for more.)