Today, I wanted to give you my opinion. On a shampoo bar I have been using in a Lush angel hair shampoo bar review.

I got the shampoo bar for my birthday because I have recently got into being more eco conscious and so my mum gifted me the bar from Lush. I think Lush is general is amazing just because it smells so nice so I was so excited to receive this for my birthday.

Is it good?

I found that using this shampoo doesn’t require a lot of effort. You just need to turn off the shower to massage the product into your hair.

Is it good for long hair?

Yes, I have butt length hair so I would definitely say this is good even for people with longer locks. The great thing is that this bar makes your hair soft you won’t need to use conditioner. I just washed my hair and dried it, and that was enough for me. My hair felt super clean and fresh.

The softness lasts a long time because I found my hair wasn’t that knotty when I brushed it later the next day.

Other great uses for this product

The Angel hair shampoo bar is the size of my palm and can easily be put into a container for light travel. I’ve thought about stuff I want to bring with me when I go on holiday and I take this with me instead of a liquid shampoo. And if you feel like that’s all you want to take with you to the washroom that’s fine because the bar is technically a soap so it can double app as a body wash.

How eco friendly is this bar from Lush?

Tis bar can be bought naked and be put into your own container or packed into a paper bag. The paper bag is totally recyclable which is a bug thumbs up to Lush and the bar is very light which mean there is less emissions into shipping this product to Lush stores. Moreover Angel hair lass longer than a liquid shampoo bar by double the washes. I love this because I want to use something that is long lasting so I don’t always need to buy replacements.

That concludes my Lush Angel hair shampoo bar review. Yay Use less plastic and stay eco friendly.