Making bread rolls is easier said than done. I attempted to make bread rolls out of curiosity and boredom.

It’s quite funny, I started making the bread rolls a hour before the breaking of my fast. I also wanted to watch the pirates of the caribbean a the same time. So, I made the ultimate decision to multitask. I was able to watch my movie and bake some bread.

I used a simple recipe from a worksheet given to me by my old school. The rolls need butter, milk, plain flour and yeast as well as some salt.

I had tried to make plain white bread before and I knew I definitely needed to work on it some more. And then I thought of making bread rolls and maybe they were easier to make because the size is much smaller and easier to handle. Oh, wow! Well, I wasn’t wrong about the bread rolls being easier to make than the white bread I attempted to make before.

I think that the skill of kneading the bread is something I need more practice with. I also need to find out how to get bread that is go the perfect crust.

Making the rolls

Firstly, I got all the ingredients readily weighed out. Then I started to warm the butter and milk till the butter melted. After that the third step is pretty simple. You just need to mix and squish all of the Ingredients together. Use your hands to to connect the flour together using the butter and milk as glue. After you get the dough together then you can knead it out on the work top. After, roll out the dough and cut it equally into smaller fist sized portions. And voila! There is the dough of the bread rolls. Next you only need to knead the individual rolls and shape them. Then, leave them in a lined baking tray to rise for an hour. Soon after the dough has risen, set it into a hot oven.

I baked mine for too long because I honestly didn’t know if the rolls were done. Actually, it’s because I left the rolls to become as brown as I wanted them to be. So, my rolls were seriously unbreakable and therefore inedible. But yeah, at least I know I should not leave my rolls for 45 minutes in about 180 degrees oven with fan.   😉

I had tried so many new things over the past few weeks of lockdown, even composting and growing some mint and peas. Why don’t you try doing something new too?