Amelia wears a medical bracelet. The benefit of wearing the bracelet is that it would help paramedic during an emergency situation. Amelia still has a leaking valve presently.

14 years old

Information on the bracelet

The bracelet was custom made for Amelia. The medical conditions printed on the bracelet were specific to Amelia’s health and medical conditions. For example, the following information was engraved on the plate of the bracelet.

  • a contact telephone number where a paramedic or a medical professional could call during an emergency.
  • Her congenital heart defect – Tetralogy of Fallot.
  • Allergy to tree nuts and carries Epipen.
  • eczema
  • Her subscription number.

When the paramedic calls the number, the staff over the phone would give full information about Amelia’s medical history. For instance, she had had multiple open-heart surgeries in the past. She has her irregular heartbeat fixed in October 2015 and currently, she still has a leaking valve.

Medical bracelet for the child’s safety

Amelia understands that wearing the bracelet is for her safety. She wears it during sports. i.e. to swim, cycle, run, play basketball and play dodge ball.

8 years old

Here is Amelia’s experiences of wearing medical bracelet at schools.

Amelia was the only pupil wore the medical bracelet at her primary school. Pupils asked Amelia why she wears a bracelet. They were just curious really. She was tired of explaining why she has to wear a medical bracelet to people. For this reason, she hid the bracelet inside her jumper sleeve because she felt like a sick child every time she talked about her heart condition. She was 7 years old then.

Amelia told her parent during a random conversation about how she felt wearing the bracelet to school. Her parent explained to Amelia that her “mended” heart has helped her to achieve great things in her life. For example, she completed triathlon races and fundraised to help babies born with a similar heart condition as her. For this reason, she shall protect her “mended” heart so that she can continue to achieve great things.

Most importantly, the medical bracelet will help medical professionals during an emergency. She shall focus on her achievements and be proud that she is different from other children in that way.

Peace of mind for parents and carers

Her parent communicated with the school to find a solution to help Amelia get through this period. The school was very helpful and offer to provide answers to curious pupils on behalf if necessary. Wearing the bracelet to school does not affect her anymore.

Amelia spends a considerable amount of times at school and attending extra curriculum activities. She, wearing the medical bracelet gives peace of mind to her parent.

Amelia is now at secondary school and she is still wearing her bracelet. She does not let her heart condition to stop her from doing sports.

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