Hi there! You may think what is a compost diary and maybe why did I make my Compos diary? Well, since I moved home I had to stop composting for a bit. Then when I settled down again I wanted to continue my efforts to be ecofriendly. Bu this time I wanted to document what I did with the compost.

What did I write about?

First of all set up my page with a date and a title, “Compost Diaries”. From there it was just writing the date and anything new that happened. Most of what I have written about so far is just what foods I have put in the pot of compost.

Why did I want to document the contents?

I guess I just felt that I wanted to know what my compost is actually made up of and have fun keeping track of the decomposition process. I found that I actually become more aware of what I eat because certain things I can’t put in to compost. The diary has helped to see what kind of waste I create and honestly how fast it is created.

How do I feel about keeping My compost diary?

Currently I am using my really pretty notebook my mum bought for me to write in. I feel like having a book is great so I know where my stuff is. Oh, and yeah! I love having this new Compost diary going on because I feel happier knowing that I am eating better. I also feel the joy of righting out what I put in and what I have done because it feels like I’m a real scientist documenting my findings.

Having a compost diary is informative when you look back through it. You can actually see yourself grow as a person as well.  I highly recommend trying to have a compost diary. It’s a fun project and lifestyle choice that saves animals.

Let’s be eco friendly. Why not Grow your own foods and Use less plastic

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