My first low waste period experience was an experiment and adventure into becoming even more environmentally friendly. Besides composting and recycling. I realized that women’s periods are a chance for more pollution.

I looked into many ways to keep my period low waste and I discovered cloth pads. Cloth pads are the perfect alternative to disposable ones that I loved to use.

Period time

Firstly, when my period started I used a homemade cloth pad with towel and cotton fabric. Then throughout the day I changed into the bamboo topped pads. I washed the pads by hand after each use and hung them up to dry. Only twice I used the washing machine and tumble dryer to cleanse the pads because I did the load of laundry during my period.

I only used 4 cloth pads in total and 3 disposables. The bamboo cloth pads are very good and I felt they worked just the same other pads.The only flaw that I felt with my cloth pads were that they were bulky and so wearing tight clothes without a long shirt would make the pad noticeable. At first I wanted to do a zero waste period then I ran out of cloth pads because they were all wet and so I used my regular flow disposable pads towards the end of my period.  However my first low waste period experience will not be the only one.


I think that if anyone wanted to use cloth pads and the number they had was small it is best to use them at home. I was at home for most of my low waste period. If you had more pads, maybe ten, then going out would be fine. You need to be carrying a small bag to keep soiled and clean pads.

Once your cycle is finished make sure to keep your cloth pads freshly cleaned, and dry to store for later.