Today I want to talk about my waste. Specifically my organic household waste. Majority of all waste at home is organic, which means that the waste can be composted. So, I began composting the organic waste in a jar.

At first I thought I could fit all the weekly organic waste in a jar, oh boy!, there was definitely more waste than that. Therefore I grabbed an old yogurt pot from the recycling. I filled them mostly with chopped off ends and skins from the food preparation. Soon after 4 days of composting consistently my jar was full and then I started to fill the pot.

The waste amount really surprised me because I thought it wouldn’t be too much. However I realised that organic waste is big and a part of our lives and to help the environment, we can compost. I researched many different comparisons to the time it would take to compost and the time it would take to decompose in landfill.

It takes longer for organic waste to decompose in landfill than in a compost pile, and a lettuce head can take 25 years to decompose fully in landfill. Knowing that a majority of foods in the bin will all go to landfill and end up sitting there for years is astonishing. I couldn’t believe all of the waste I had created over the years could still be in landfill right now.

Composting can take away up to 50% of waste and even a little a week is great. Let’s keep waste out of landfills. I am still going to carry on composting and enjoying composting, and later on when it all turns back to soil I can give it to each of my plants and I know they will be very happy.

Beautiful world.  A world that awaits us.