Houseplants can cool our planet

Yes, it is true, the friendly house plants can help to save the world. If you think about it, before your home was built, there was an abundance of beautiful plants on the earth. So, getting a houseplant will make up for the ones no longer there. The houseplant will absorb and use CO2 to photosynthesize, and produce oxygen. This process of the carbon cycle takes away CO2 and lessens the amount of the green house gas that is warming our world. Plants can cool our planet and save the world from climate change as well as using less plastic.

Many people like to have their homes neat and tidy, so buying a fake bunch of plants and flowers makes the place feel alive without any commitment. But you need to commit to your plants that are alive, they can really take away your emissions as an individual. In reality,we can produce around 7 tons worth of CO2 a year, just from doing our own little thing.  At home the plant can brighten your life, and give better oxygen levels in the room for good brain function. Studies have also shown that your will feel happier with plants around you. That’s why everyone loves the park.

What are the best plants to have

My top 2 types of plants that I have at home are spider plants and cactus. Spider plants are very hardy and won’t die even if you don’t water them for a week or two. The plant is very good at taking away toxins found in the air most commonly produced from the exhaust of cars. The toxins can have a lazy effect on the brain, so the spider plant can remove that. The cactus is very cute and small depending on what you like and they too can go without water for quite some time. Cactus’ are great for desks and windows, their protective spikes can ward off any thieves who want to get in through the open window. These plants can cool our planet and grow with love in a nice home.