Amelia’s first scooter – 6 December 2007

Amelia had her first open heart surgery in May 2006. The post surgery assessment in February 2007 revealed that she has right ventricle outflow obstruction under her aortic valve itself. The narrowing would make Amelia get tired easily.

Fortunately, Amelia can communicate very well with adults that if she was tired, hungry, she wants to sit down or stay in the buggy or want a cuddle etc.

To encourage Amelia to move around more, She received a scooter on her birthday.  She loved it and was having fun playing with her scooter. This was an alternative to taking her buggy everywhere with her. When she was tired scootering, she just stood on her scooter and the adult with her just pull the scooter along.

GOSH was working hard to find a way to alleviate amelia’s narrowing valve. On February 2008, she was admitted to GOSH for cardiac catheterization procedure to investigate if ballon dilation procedure would solve her narrowing valve problem.

On September 2008, Amelia’s peak velocity on the right ventricular outflow tract was 3.8m/sec and at this point, GOSH put Amelia’s case forward to the cardiac surgical team.

With everything was going on inside her heart, Amelia was having fun playing with her scooter. The scooter allows her to cover further distance than what she was able to do by foot.

On 26 Jun 2009, Amelia had a second open heart surgery to allevite her narrowing valve problem.

Fun playing scooter at Alexandra Park in North London – 4 April 2009

Portmouth Town Centre – 12 April 2009

London Victoria December 2012

After the second open heart, Amelia has lots of energy and she continues scooting around London with her mum. She even venture into doing sports.