First of all, roast potatoes are delicious. You can eat them will almost anything.

Buying the potatoes

This earthly carbohydrate is greatness. I was food shopping with my mum and thought of buying sweet potatoes.So, I could make the usual sweet chips in the oven. But instead, my eyeballs caught onto the miniature potatoes. I adored mini stuff and they were so roundy as well. Then I thought to myself, if I am going to buy them I need to make something yummy. And bingo! Light bulb moment, I have never tried roasting potatoes, so let’s do it. I am going to roast those miniature potatoes.

I grabbed a good amount and put them in the shopping basket. Bringing them home to roast later. Honestly, I didn’t touch the potatoes for like 3-4 days, because the cooking was done. So, when it was time to roast, the potatoes were ready for me. They were like, ooo Hello we are ready to be roasted today, what took you so long? And I replied, yeah I am in charge of today’s meal  and today is your time to shine on the menu.

Making roast potatoes

I first, watched a ton of videos on how to roast potatoes, then I found a video that looked easy and yummy enough that I wanted to follow. After, I went in search of ingredients. I found the oil,salt and the pepper and some thyme. Then I got to work. I first peeled all of the potatoes clean, chopping them eat in half. Next I popped in the oil salt and pepper in a bowl, tossing the potatoes till the outside was a little fluffed up. Setting the oven to about 150 degrees celsius I put i the potatoes on a tray for about 35 minutes, flipping them occasionally to brown them. Once they were cooked, I put the potatoes into a serving bowl and grabbed the thyme and scattered it generously on top. You can mix the thyme in or just leave it to be served. I mixed it in and then served it on the dinning table.

(Making roast potatoes is the best thing to switch it up with multiple dishes and way more filling than bread rolls that I made before.)