Why should we save electricity?

In this ever-evolving world electricity is used commonly in almost every building in the UK. Recently it has been found that the evolution of technology has impacted our use of electricity greatly. This is due to the charging and more frequent use of devices anywhere and everywhere, at home, work or school. The use of such technology is polluting the atmosphere with greenhouse gases from burnt fossil fuels encouraging Global warming. Fossil fuels most commonly are in the manufacturing process of electricity and are polluting the air we breathe. Therefore, we need to save electricity.

The perks of reducing electricity usage

Firstly, not using more electricity than we need would save money on the electric bill and that is really cool to see especially if you have a smart meter. Secondly, you are a hero to the drastically changing environment by leaving less carbon footprints. Thirdly, you will be able to spend more time with family or learning new things when saving the battery of your devices to be greener.

Ways to change your electricity usage and become greener

1. Turn off the lights when you are no in the room (even if you are gone for a few minutes)

2. Once your devices -laptops, Ipads, phones, kindles, etc – are fully charged, unplug and turn off the socket’s switch.

3. Don’t tumble dry clothes for too long. The laundry in the dryer can be removed and folded as soon as they are dry, cotton will be dry after 1 hour and 10 minutes.

4. Try hanging clothes to dry overnight as no electricity will be used and the clothes will be just as if you tumble dry them.

5. Reduce device usage at free time.

6. Use a hot water bottle in the winter to keep warm instead of turning on the whole house heating.