Ok so I’ve recently had a genius thought to dilute my shampoo to see if I can get an answer. Well “Should you dilute your shampoo?”.Mhm let me tell you my experience.

Where I got my grand Idea from

First of all I thought when you usually start to finish your shampoo you would put water in it to get the rest of it out. Right? So I used that logic to try and save the environment by using the shampoo for longer by diluting it.

Why dilute it?

Diluting the shampoo will increase the volume in the bottle and ideally make your shampoo last longer however…

The Results

In the end I found that I actually used more shampoo than necessary if it were not diluted. This is because the solution was so runny and I barely got the shampoo in my hair, I actually got most of it on the floor.

Final conclusion: Don’t dilute your shampoo, it’s more money out of your pocket. And not what you bargained for. To be honest I stated off with a really runny shampoo anyway so making it even more so made washing my hair take longer. I basically used more shampoo in a small amount of time and all because when I washed my hair with the diluted shampoo it was really hard to get lots of foam to spread across my scalp. So don’t dilute your shampoo.

Recommendations to you

Definitely stick to a normal not self diluted shampoo. And after you finish your wonderful product try recycling the bottle. Then maybe try looking for a good shampoo bar to try out. Most recently I have actually been obsessed with green products like shampoo bars. My honest opinion is that shampoo bars are actually better than liquid shampoo. Not only do they last longer, they are travel friendly too, so there is no fuss with liquids at security.

Do your part for the planet 🙂 and check out my post on why to Use less plastic