In short I don’t think during an outbreak you should be using diluted soap. Don’t get me wrong, foamy soap is a great way to save the pennies but it actually makes it more difficult to wash off bacteria and other viruses affectively.

To dilute or not to dilute? That is the question?

Undiluted soap and  bar soap is your best friend when to comes to good hygiene. It has a higher concentrating of goodness. The product as it is is actually made to be the best at breaking down the dirt and you use less product. If you dilute the product, the areas which don’t have much of the wash on it will still have germs. So definitely keep your soap as it is because it was made that way for a reason.

Benefits of bar soap

Compared to all the rest of the soaps out there. It is proven that bar is  the best to get squeaky clean. But mind you only the bar soap within the household. It needs more rubbing to get the product onto the hands so while doing that you are effectively cleaning your palms. Then to get a nice lather more work needs to be put in. Basically it makes you unconsciously make foam. And because it takes longer to get foam, you wash your hands for longer and more thoroughly. It’s the best thing to get.

Keep safe people 🙂 And use a soap that isn’t diluted ok. Wash hands while singing happy birthday or a your favourite jam. Foamy is great for baths but foamy soap is not “in trend” to feel fresh after coming home. Thanks for reading.

Psst, bar soap has no plastic packaging if it just comes with the cardboard so it’s more eco friendly too. #use less plastic