Where does it come from?

The souffle pancake originated from Japan.

What makes the delicacy?

Firstly, the pancake is of course like no other due to its light and fluffiness and what makes the pancake so different is a very common ingredient. Eggs. Yes, eggs, they make the pancake light and fluffy and well risen. This is because the egg whites are whisked into a thicker consistency with lots of mini air bubbles. So, the whites are no longer liquid and are foam.

What can you eat the pancakes with?

Just about anything you desire! My personal favorite toppings are Oreo and chocolate whipped cream. Honestly, the souffle pancakes can go with anything because of their very light taste.

Where to eat the souffle pancake?

When I first saw the pancakes, I saw them online and then I went to China town and passed a shop selling them. Usually you can get the pancakes for a takeaway at a Japanese dessert store. I went to eat in at a small bobba drinks and souffle shop. However, one day I would love to go and eat the pancake at an authentic Japanese store in Japan itself. Because it is a dream come true to eat foods in their original country of creation.

Personal review of the Oreo and choco cream souffle pancake:

The souffle itself is very moist and so soft that you can easily break it up with a spoon. Their is not much taste with just the pancake so the chocolate cream adds texture and chocolate flavor. The cream is thick and gives a nice opposite to the pancake, the match is perfect. The Oreo is also a great addition as it is a very classic biscuit, I didn’t eat the cookie with the pancake just by itself, to enjoy the unique cookie and cream. I do recommend this topping with the souffle, because it suits very well.