We are giving out FREE baby spider plant, this plant is ideal for your home or office. Please contact us if you would like to receive one for FREE. First come first serve basis.

“All green” not stripy ones

This is one of a kind spider plant. This “all green” spider plant is not available in the major garden centres in London. The B&Q, the Homebase and even the IKEA do not sell it. We also visited local smaller garden centres and they also don’t sell this “all green” spider plant.

FREE one spider plant pot per person per address
FREE one spider plant pot per person per address

The usual spider plant that you could buy from the garden centres in London is the stripy spider plant.

Climate change is happening right now and there are many ways, we as individuals can do to be more environmentally friendly. Having plants at home or your office is one of them.

Spider plants produce oxygen

The spider plants produce oxygen and we consume it. For this reason, having a plant at your home or office will naturally increase the indoor level of oxygen in your living space. According to the National Wildlife Federation, spider plant removes more than 95% of toxic agents from the air.

Spider plants as decorative

Use your spider plants as decorative to add natural colour to your home or office. Furthermore, the green colour is refreshing because it associated with nature.