Today I want to give you my honest opinion in a sweatcoin review. I will be going through how I have found this app thus far.

Why get the app?

Before I got this app I was like oh wait I need a way to start my journey in earning a little something. By the way I am a kid so technically finding legal work to apply for was really tricky. Especially jobs available were not fun ones that I saw myself enjoying. So one day I was watching Netflix (as we do) and  one of the characters literally said he won a water bottle from a walking app. From there I knew I had to get a walking app and so I did a little research into which ones are good and consistently sweatcoin appeared.

First time using the app

Once I downloaded the sweatcoin I found that I didn’t have to do very much in order to get started. The fact I’m very investigative about how things work probably helped me speed up the time it took me get comfortable in using it every day. I loved the app because it even gave a free trial of different modes to start earning coins. And I actually earned so much from bonuses I was wowed.


  1. You can earn as much as you can walk realistically
  2. Once you get enough coins you can bid for gadgets, gift card
  3. You can even cash in for a transfer of money
  4. And if you want to go on that awesome two-three day holiday, you get a travel marathon offer that lets you go on an adventure


  1. It does take years to earn enough coin to get money or gadgets and gift cards (worth $1000)
  2. The marathon offers for travel is only certain destinations they pick
  3. Sometimes you won’t get all of your steps counted

But overall I seriously do recommend this app because I know one day I can cash in and its all worth it. Plus the app itself is free so the money is just effort in being yourself and getting active. That’s all for my sweatcoin review.

Thanks for reading and stay eco friendly.

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