Summer has arrived and the sweltering heat is upon us. But with this heat wave I’m very excited for the future. I can see how wonderful the area near my home is becoming. Dark streets are well lit with the each breath of the sun. And I feel that I am becoming more active. I have started to revising for my mock GCSE’s coming up soon. Plus my half term has been so relaxing. All because I have been taking responsibility for me.

How am I ?

My productivity levels are rising and I am so proud of myself even my mum said she’s proud of me just this morning. That further affirmed that I’m on track. Furthermore, recently I have felt to lucky for everything. What I have is very convenient and my life is very easy when I put in the effort. There is no worry that I have lots to do. In terms of housework I am happy to make it a more wonderful place. Like yesterday, I took out the bin that was quite unpleasant in our kitchen. I knew it was bad so I took responsibility and rounded up all the trash and took it down.

The first thing I want in my life is to have a home I am comfortable in and I am happy to make that happen. My mum told me that she thinks I have changed. That I don’t mind getting my hands dirty, and I thinks she’s right.

I am 15 now and I can take responsibility for my dirt and when I thought over it, my mum did all the housework when technically I could. It was only from the age of around 8 , I started to wash the dishes, do part of the cooking, fold the laundry. And when I was 13 that I started to clean the bathroom and cook more foods and take down the rubbish. But this time, I don’t just take the rubbish down when I am asked, I do it also because my mum needs me. It smells and she has already showered so I pack it up and take it down, then I shower. We have this mini rule that if you’re clean, then don’t get dirty by doing cleaning.

Growing up

To be honest I have been taking more responsibility over how I feel and do things. And that things that I do don’t typically go with the word work. What I mean is that if I say work, I feel kind of negatively towards it because it’s the idea that it’s necessary and hard and time consuming. So by just saying ” oh I want to to some Chemistry” or “Maths” or “cook lunch”, I feel happier. Because I feel I am making the choice to do my best in that activity.

Over time I have taken more responsibility of my life and I have helped to improve relationships that way too. Taking the time to know yourself and understand who you are can lead you to do amazing things.  You enjoy some quality time with friends and family. For example, today my mum asked me what I fancied to eat. Even though we were at home with no sushi in the fridge, my mum said we could walk to the shop to go get some. If I hadn’t been productive and ready to be more prepared for my academic future and interested in keeping this home beautiful, I wouldn’t get the opportunity to get sushi.

I am also very grateful that my mum takes the time to ask me what I want, so every now and again I also take the time out to plan what surprise can I give her. Like going to buy her favorite snowball peanut or the ingredients to make her favorite salty veg dish. Since I am wiser due to experience that comes with age I can go out by myself now. And so I always think of nice little things I can do for myself and my mum.

Taking responsibility for Earth

I have taken responsibility. And we can all start to take responsibility for our world. The Earth can use a little less plastic. We can be responsible for our life including the stuff we put out there. So to offset the carbon footprint we can waste less and reuse more, or even grow your own plants. I have a cactus and it’s thriving. Give it a try. Take responsibility.