Wednesday 11th March 2020

Today has been a great day, school has carried on as usual and my day has been productive. Since the Coronavirus in London is spreading very fast I’ve increasingly seen more people wearing surgical masks. In addition more of my friends and classmates at school are using sanitizing products. So far I have seen friends use wipes, hand sanitizer and mini soap to ensure they keep themselves clean. I personally just use hand sanitizer and soaps. I feel myself avoiding contact with people and objects, which also means that I am more aware of my surroundings.


Before the Coronavirus in London became high in its number of cases I never used hand sanitizer. After the virus had spread so quickly, I began to go and look for the hand sanitizers in shops, all shops were sold out of the sanitizers. I only recently got my hand sanitizer when my mum had the great idea of going to the shop when it first opens to see if they’d restocked. Fortunately they had and this also meant that many people were coming into the store by running in and getting the maximum two bottles of hand sanitizer. It’s very weird how everyone and I mean like fully grown adults don’t mind getting a bit of exercise. Their exercise is running to be first to get a bottle of hand sanitizer.

I sanitize my hands in the morning by washing my hands thoroughly before I go to school. Then when I get to school I use my sanitizing gel. Later on in the day if I feel like I need to I will sanitize my hands again. I also make sure that before I eat my hands are germ free, when I’m at home I wash my hands thoroughly the doctors way in the sink. If and when I am out of my home like at school, I use the sanitizing gel to kill bacteria.