Where did the Coronavirus originate from?

The Coronavirus outbreak was firstly discovered in China. It began to contaminate most of Wuhan province in a matter of days. Scientists and investigators have been sent to find the source of the outbreak. Hence, they have found that a flea market selling varieties of meat might have been the cause.

What are people doing to prevent the spread of this new virus?

I have seen that people are doing all sorts of different things to protect themselves from the virus. Many residents in China are wearing masks to cover their mouth and nose. On the other hand, countries in which don’t have a serious amount of infected are strongly advised to wash and sanitize their hands often.

Furthermore, the Chinese government have completely evacuated Wuhan province. In addition to this, they have locked down surroundings areas and are working with many other governments to send citizens back to their country. Due to the lockdown, some airports all over the globe have decided to cancel flights to and from China until the virus is killed.

Is the Coronavirus very deadly?

The virus has symptoms that will appear within 10-14 days. The main symptoms are a cough, high temperature and shortness of breath. So far, many people have been infected with the virus and according to worldometers there are  75,779 cases. However, only a few have died from the virus. 2,130 people have passed due to the virus. (All of these figures are live on worldometer  and used on Thursday 20th February 2020.) But this news does not mean that anyone with a cough has the virus, they might simply have a common cold.

Animals are left behind and not evacuated out of Wuhan

Overall, animals and pets are most loved by everyone but they are left home alone in Wuhan. This is because the owners have all been evacuated to get treated in hospitals for the virus. However, there have been reports of cat rescuers who are contacted by owners to access the homes and feed and take care of the cats.

Is this more serious than Global warming?

Some may say that the Coronavirus outbreak is more serious as it is something that is not yet controllable. Opposing this, other people would say that Global warming is more serious as it is an effect on the Earth that can be changed by us making the effort to use less plastic.