Today I want to tell you all about the story of a pea. The pea in fact is actually one I grew myself. I grew the seed from a gift given to me in the mail.

Truly, I cared for the seed until it grew out to a shoot, which then grew to be a stalk. All in all the process of growing a pea is very simple and fast. I used to be impatient with growing things from seeds, but now I think I really like the life cycle.

Well, back to the story of the pea. A month from when the plant had first been planted, a beautiful green bud appeared like magic. The bud, a few days later, bloomed into a mini white flower. I didn’t know there were flowers on pea stalks, so I marveled at the flower, staring at it every time. I grew that. How beautiful! Later, the flower dried up and I was like OH NO. What’s happening?

I searched it up and hey presto. It was not just any flower, it’s a flower that will grow the pea pods. Wow, I thought to myself. It’s so fast, only a month of growth and a special treat.

I watched it, telling my mum about it, looking at how big the pea inside the pod got every day. I loved my peas.

One day, I decided to harvest my work. I picked the pod and put it on the steamer over the rice. I cooked lettuce and oyster sauce as the main dish, surprising my mum and tortoises with the peas. It was small so I cut the pod and peas with a sharp knife.

The peas were eaten and enjoyed. That’s the story of my pea.

(I also grow mint at home, thrilling!)