Today I’m going to tell you the truth about walking apps you can get absolutely free on your phone.

Are they worth it?

Yes, but only some. Many of these apps you will have to do some research on to make sure you can track your activity and earn some rewards. You also just need to check if the aps work on your device and in your country. But other than that, you can seriously make a saving by using these apps. You earn their virtual currency till you can cash in for gift cards, products or even PayPal.

What are some apps to get in the UK?

So far I recommend Betterpoints and Sweatcoin. They work in the UK and let you earn slowly. I have used Betterpoints for some time now and learned that to earn all you need to is answer some surveys. Moreover, you can earn better tickets for your activities and possibly win some points in the daily or weekly price draw. Then once you have enough points you can get some gift cards to spend on groceries or clothes, or even gadgets.

Sweatcoin I have had for a little longer, downloading it as my first ever rewarding for walking app. I got it in hopes to get some money some day and so far so good. The app lets you earn depending on how many steps you have taken on your outdoor walk. Then you can accumulate the coins to bid or buy discount codes on the app. But my favourite is the option to cash in 20,000 coins for $1000 by online transfer and the money will be converted into the currency of your choice. I know it’s a lot of coins to get especially since you can only walk so much in a day. But the pros of this is that you can earn just a little extra.

So there’s the truth about walking apps, they may take months to earn a reward but its the reward that makes the effort worth it. Plus you’re not needing to buy anything it’s all free.