My Morning

On Sunday, I woke up at 9.40am, ready for the big mile. My mum had already gotten out of bed and so she made a lovely breakfast. With ingredients such as: avocado, egg and ham with a drizzle of soy sauce. It was delicious! Then by 11.02am me and my mum were ready to go to church. We walked around 15-20 minutes to our church. Then we enjoyed the 11.30am service. I learned about people of all ages and races are in one community. The Human Race.

After the service, we went to change into our running kit and put on the race numbers. And off we went.

The Big Mile

13.57pm, we arrived in Greenwich but were very lost. Emphasis on the lost. But by God’s grace we found another runner and we talked to a marshal who directed us to a school. This sounds so random, but the school (James Wolfe Primary School) is where the runners meet up and wait . So yeah, the run starts at 14:30pm. And me and my mum got there at 14.10pm so we were early. We just sat down on a baby bench and enjoyed the loud music. Then near starting time, approximately 14.20pm all the runners walked to the starting line which was just round the corner.

14.30pm, runners at the ready. And bam we shot off to lightning speeds. I’m kidding. It was a slow start because of the tight spacing between people and of course the tiny children. There were many families who joined the run with any kid from baby age to teenagers. Which is super cool. Now, what I did notice was that around 800m so halfway, I started to breathe from my mouth and my lungs started to hurt from breathing so fast. And here’s the science to why muscles hurt, I learnt this recently that when you lack of oxygen you respire anaerobically and that’s glucose straight to lactic acid. Furthermore the buildup of lactic acid can cause cramping and, well, pain. But then I started to walk and get myself back to normal. Then my mum started to run next to me until we reached the 200m sign then. You guessed it. I sprinted. I ran for my life. For the sake of my eyes. And to get the best time ever.

I say for the sake of my eyes. Hehehhe. Because I could see the finish line right there and so I wanted to get to it as fast as possible.

I’m telling you, straight up. I was tired and just wanted to sit down. My legs didn’t burn but my breathing was out of control. And so my mum found me and helped me to get a medal and of course water.

How I spent the rest of my day

So, like most people who just burnt like a thousand calories in 10 minutes, I went to eat. We found this Thai restaurant and wow, I was hungry. I ordered the Singaporean style fry noodles and my mum got the Ho fun (also fried). The portions were huge. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Sooooo much food, and all for me. I shared some with my mum because she finished her dish before me. But yep I love noodles.

Now, earlier on, when we went searching for food, we stumbled upon the marvelous Greenwich market. So naturally, that is where we explored next. We saw jewelry and food, and clothes and shoes and book bags. I took the business cards of all the places that sold stuff that I fancied so I could make a purchase from them in the future. But out of all the companies by far, the eco friendly shop in the market is the best. It’s where I got my tongue scraper and it’s amazing, I think I’ll never have to buy mouthwash ever again. #uselessplastic

Then after our little adventure, me and my mum went home. Showered and had some time to relax.

(In short I definitely recommend to do The Big Mile next year with your family. It’s really fun.)